Манера Леонтьева, счастливо сочетающая проникновенность и отстранённость, в Реквиеме весьма органична… среди дирижеров новой генерации Леонтьев выделяется техническим мастерством — и… интересен он тем, что смысловое наполнение мусинской системы звучит, проступает в звуковом и эмоциональном рисунке его работ… Леонтьев формует эту материю по законам культуры, школы, за которой стоит глубокая музыкальность…



«Час пик», Санкт-Петербург



Ю. Темирканов, 10 октября 2002:

Yuri Temirkanov, Music Director:
The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
1212 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201-5545
United States of America


The St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra

Ul. Mikhailovskaya 2,

191011 St. Petersburg, Russia


10th October 2002


To whom it may concern:


I highly recommend Roman Leontiev as a very talented and bright conductor, who has fine musical capabilities.

I have known Mr. Leontiev for several years and I am convinced that he is an absolutely first class musician. He has already had quite a lot of experience as conductor, both in operatic and concert repertoire, and I am sure that he has an impressove career ahead of him. Anything, which he undertakes, will be well prepared and very professionally carried out.

He conducts very well all branches of music. I watched his conducting at tne Large nan Philharmonia with the St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonic Orchestra when he performed the Fifth Symphony by Tchaikovsky. It was excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending him unreservedly for any conducting engagements, which may come his way. At present he is working with the St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonic Orchestra as "cover" conductor and with the State Symphony Orchestra "Klassika" as associate conductor. Also, he has performances with many other symphony orchestras in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. He has also conducted in the UK, Germany, Italy, and Finland with such well-known orchestras as the Sudwestdeutsche Philharmonie in Konstanz and the Toscanini Symphony in Parma.


When he works with the orchestras he is able to achieve maximum results quickly, because he has good contact with the musicians and his conducting technique is very professional. He conducts very expressively with deep and strong emotions, and he has received positive comments from orchestras, audience and critics.

I am sure that your orchestra and audience will enjoy the experience, which Mr. Leontiev can provide.


Sinserely yours,

Yuri Temirkanov

Ю. Симонов, 10 июля 2004:

Yuri Simonov,

Musical Director and Principal Conductor:

Moscow Academic Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

31 Tverskaya

103050 Moscow


+007 (095) 299 8894

10th July 2004

To whom it may concern:

I would like to state in this letter that my knowledge of the virtuosity of Roman Leontiev has left a great impression on me. He is one of the brightest representatives to emerge from the best conducting schools in Russia.

He grabbed the opportunity to study with the famous Professor Ilya Musin with both hands. All the qualities that are essential in a conductor, such as sense of purpose, power, emotive force, that wonderful feeling for rnood that seems to emanate from their very hands, and a sense of musical form, are all present and correct in the work of Mr Leontiev.

And it is difficult to conceive of Mr Leontiev failing to hit the spot in any of his conducting activities. He seems to have made a habit of succeeding in anything that he undertakes.

As a musician with great experience myself I can say that Mr Leontiev possesses a remarkable but, at the same time, inexplicable drive. And I think that it is this very quality that enables this conductor to achieve that most important goal for any musician, that of communicating the composer's innermost thoughts and ideas to the audience.

I know that Mr Leontiev has already conducted many orchestras both in Russia and abroad, but I am also sure that this talented conductor won't have long to wait before the best orchestras in the world are knocking on his door with invitations to conduct them.

Sinserely yours,

Yuri Simonov

Ю. Башмет, 22 мая 2004:

22nd May 2004


To whom it may concern:


Mr Leontiev has great experience of working with many orchestras both in Russia and abroad. He has a wide repertoire of works, including such works as The Rite of Spring by Stravinsky and the symphonies of Mahler, as well as compositions by Shostakovich, Hindemith, Rachmaninov.


Mr Leontiev has great abilities in the field of music by contemporary composers, as well as in the field of resurrecting forgotten works by such Russian composers as Rubinstein, Kalinnikov, Balakirev and Borodin.


What is outstanding in his work as a conductor in his ability to evoke pictures with his interpretation of the music, sense of style and form.


I consider Mr Leontiev is high professional and perspective conductor; owing to his splendid technical mastery he is ready to work with large symphony orchestra.


Sinserely yours,

Yuri Bashmet